Friday, August 31, 2007

Dominating Dawgs!

What a way to start the season. The Dawgs looked stellar, albeit against a lesser opponent, but to win by 30 on the road was great. Nice job Ty! I can't wait to watch Locker for the next 2 (3) (4!) years. It was great to watch it at Ed and Tiff's house too. Everyone loved R. Plus everyone, including R, was decked out in purple. Should be a fun couple of years at least.

Husky Kickoff

R and I will be leaving for Eddie's place for the opener. Time to whip some 'Cuse butt! Wish my dad was with us, but we will bark nice and loud for him!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Best Time of the Year

College football season starts today!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Doctors and Dealers

Today was a mediocre day. I found out the somebody screwed up my insurance information and I am getting other charges on my account. Premera wasn't much help, but I think I am figuring it out.  The day was saved however, by the news of Alberto Gonzo's resignation. Good old Gonzo, how funny it was when you said that it was okay to violate the Bill of Rights as long as you didn't do it to everybody. Who will Dubya turn to when he wants to justify torture? By my count that is: Colin, Rummy, Ashy (which is never in style), Ari, Tony, Scooter, Ridge, Karl and Harriet. Who will be the next rat to desert the sinking ship? The third leg of the Axis of Evil, Darth Cheney? Or dare we hope, Condi? The fun keeps rolling. The future just keeps getting brighter.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Work starts again tomorrow. I am the epitome of unprepared. I had one day where I accomplished a ton, but that was weeks ago and no progress since. I am really looking forward to my classes this year. I should be good at civics by now, great at world and decent at AP. I went to the AP conference at the end of the year, so I am excited for some new changes. I also plan to start running again tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. The blog might get more interesting now that I am going to be off my butt for a change. 
Check out my four generations picture. 

Thursday, August 16, 2007


We're all home. Everything went great. 


Rhoan goes in for very minor surgery today, but he has to go under, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I will update when we get home.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Camp -Utah

I finally got some pictures scanned, so I thought I would post about family camp. I am still waiting on a picture disk from my dad to post about the ocean, so hopefully I will get that soon.
We had a great time at family camp. After a 16 hr. drive on Thursday, we arrived in Smithfield around 12:30 am. We left for camp around ten or so on Friday morning and arrived around noon at camp. Camp is located in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It is very beautiful, rugged terrain that spans the Utah-Idaho border. The land consists of many, large green valleys surrounded by Aspen groves and other trees and cut through with streams and lakes. The are large cliffs and rock out croppings that rise from the ground making for a very pleasing and diverse scene.  The forest service has set up lots of trails for ATVs and even more trails that are for hiking or horseback riding (no motor vehicles). Janalyn's family is into both horses and ATVs which is really fun for me. I get to feed my enjoyment of speed as well as enjoying the peace and quiet of the land. I have to say that there is nothing like enjoying the quiet and beauty of the land from the back of a horse. 
 There was quite a crowd there, but not quite as big as the first time we went. Janalyn's parents, Lynn and Jean, her brother Kenny and his wife Cathy, their kids Zack, Jackson and Stockton, her sister Kymm and her daughter Danielle and son-in-law Patrick, and Janalyn's other brother Scott were all there. Lynn's son Jeff and his wife Bonita were also there. 
We spent three days hanging out by the campsite, riding horses and ATVs and just having a good time. Kenny, Jackson, Danielle, Patrick, Makenna and I took an ATV ride to a little lake where we saw a moose. Unfortunately all we had was Patrick's camera phone, which later got ran over, so there are no pictures. Makenna was sure it was going to attack us though. 
The highlight of the weekend for the kids was Uncle Scott's toy the amphibian, or as Jackson called it: "Aunt Vivian." You can see pictures of it. The kids loved it. (Although I am not sure whether Scott was totally sold on his new role as entertainment director.) 
 All in all a good time was had by all, and the kids loved bonding with the Utahns. Until next year when there will be 5 kids 2 or under to chase around.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Back from vacation. Much more to follow. Very tired after 16 hrs. on the road.